Advisory Process

Reduce your financial stress, gain clarity on your future, and maintain your financial security in retirement.

You’ve worked hard to achieve your financial success. But, with great success comes increased complexity and less time to focus on the things important to you. That’s why we’ve designed a simple and elegant experience that is geared to help you enjoy retirement without worrying about your money. We’ll do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your life.

Clarify Your Goals & Finances | No Cost

In the initial discovery meeting, getting to know you better and gaining clarity on your individual and family situation is our top priority.

We begin by asking questions and listening to what is most important to you.

By the end of this meeting, you will understand our values, our responsibilities, our compensation, and how we can help you. We will understand what you want to accomplish and over what time frame.


Analyze Your Investments | No Cost

During the investment plan meeting, we will deliver a clear roadmap of all your goals and finances on one page.

We will also help determine what, if anything, can be done to better align your money with your goals.

We will present our findings to you, in plain English, so you have a firm understanding of what you can do to improve.

You will receive an actionable investment plan (along with an investment policy statement, or IPS) that will serve as a road map that maximizes the probability of achieving everything that is financially important to you. 


Implement Your Investment Plan

The mutual commitment meeting has two objectives.

First, you will have the opportunity to ask us any final questions about your investment plan and our services prior to moving forward.

Should we mutually decide to work together, you will sign the paperwork necessary to establish your new accounts, transfer your outside investments, and implement your personalized investment plan.

This meeting will formalize our agreement to become your Personal CFO®.

Address Advanced Planning Needs

In the 45-Day check up meeting we’ll answer any questions regarding your statements, online account access, and anything else that may have popped up since we last met.

We will also take this time to start advising you on advanced financial planning needs such as retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, accomplishing key life goals, etc…

Track Your Progress

Your life, goals and finances will change.

That’s why we’ll continually track and adjust your plan as your life changes.

We’ll also collaborate with our independent team of tax, estate planning, and insurance experts along the way.

Several times a year, we will meet in person to revisit your goals and see what adjustments, if any, need to be made.

We will be there for you…not just at the beginning of this journey, but along the way.

You Want Financial Security.

We have a strategy to get you there.