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Spring 2017Click Here to Download Newsletter (PDF)

Investing For the Future – Not in the Future

  • Returns Can Appear, Disappear, and Reappear Quickly
  • The Lesson of $1



Winter 2017 – Click Here to Download Newsletter (PDF)

Did You Earn 40% This Year?

  • The Great Predictive Failures of 2016
  • Hinsight

Fall 2016Click Here to Download Newsletter (PDF)

Presidents and Your Portfolio

  • There is Always a Reason To Sell
  • Invest for the Long Term



Summer 2016Download Newsletter (PDF)

U.S Presidential Elections and Financial Markets

  • 4 Ways to Help Manage Risk
  • Is the Potential for Tax-Exempt Yield Really Worth the Risk?



Spring 2016 – Download Newsletter (PDF)

360insights - Spring 2016Put Science on Your Side

  • It’s About Time
  • What I Learned From a Random Walk
  • Who’s Driving?



Winter 2016 – Download Newsletter (PDF)

360insights - Winter 2015Linking Price and Expected Return

  • Who is the Stock Market Voting For?
  • What “Let Markets Work for You” Really Means
  • The Fed Raising Rates ≠ Falling Stocks

Fall 2014 – Download Fall 2014 Newsletter (PDF)

2,860 Reasons to Rethink Predictive Investing

  • Don’t Let Your Portfolio Go Out of Style
  • What is a “Stock Picker’s Market?”
  • Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect
  • Please Give Us Your Opinion

Summer 2014 – Download Summer 2014 Newsletter (PDF)

Why Stock Markets Go Up AND Down

  •  Why the Stock Market Goes Up
  • Why the Stock Market Goes Down
  • Why Do Investors Buy High and Sell Low?

Spring 2014 – Download Spring 2014 Newsletter (PDF)

Rememberance of Things Past & Future: Your 30+ Year Retirement

  • Where in the World Were the Best Returns?

Winter 2014 – Download Winter 2014 Newsletter (PDF)

Congratulations to Professor Eugene Fama — Recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize In Economic Sciences

  • Investing, Emotions and Your Brain
  • Fama, Shiller, Nobel Prizes, and Confusion about Market Efficiency

Fall 2013 – Download Fall 2013 Newsletter

  • Investor, Know Thyself
  • Rising Rates Got You Down?
  • Shoot for the Stars

Summer 2013 – Download Summer 2013 Newsletter

  • Ain’t No Market High Enough
  • Upcoming Online Changes
  • “The Best Time to Invest” Video

Spring 2013 – Download Spring 2013 Newsletter

  • Hidden Risk in Bonds
  • Why Invest Internationally?
  • The Desperate Search for Yield

Winter 2013 – Download Winter 2012 Newsletter

  • The Sky is not Falling
  • No Need to Fear, Capitalism is Here!
  • Keep Your Eye on Your Goals

Fall 2012

  • Does Blue or Red Put Investors in the Black?
  • Answers to Your Social Security Questions
  • Is the Cult of Equity Really Dying?

Download Fall 2012 Newsletter

Summer 2012

  • Stock the Vote: Do Presentation Elections Affect Markets?
  • Painting with Numbers

Download Summer 2012 Newsletter

Spring 2012

  • RISK – Separating the Wheat From The Chaff
  • Smart Tax Moves To Make Today
  • “Think” Vs. “Blink”

Download Spring 2012 Newsletter

Winter 2012

  • What a long, strange trip its been
  • Putting Volatililty in Perspective
  • When There’s a Will, There’s Not Necessarily a Way
  • Investments in Culture Wars

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2011 Newsletters

Fall 2011

  • Don’t compete with Wall Street
  • Feeling on edge
  • The portfolio paradox
  • Socially responsible investments and investors

Download Fall 2011 Newsletter

Summer 2011

  • The growing importance of emerging markets.
  • What if the value of the dollar continues to fall?
  • It sure feels like inflation to me!
  • What is the cost of fear as it relates to investing and the economy?

Download Summer 2011 Newsletter

Spring 2011

  • The Wealth Solution
  • The Boy Scout Motto
  • What does large government debt mean for investors?

Download Spring 2011 Newsletter

2010 Newsletter

Summer 2010

  • Volatility Is Not Going Anywhere…And Neither Should You
  • Benefits of Rising Rates and Short-term Bond Funds
  • Active Managers vs. Markets
  • An Interview with Dr. Harry Markowitz

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Spring 2010

  • Not a Lost Decade for Structured Investing
  • The Risks of Fixed Income
  • Efficient Markets in crisis

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Winter 2010

  • Congratulations!
  • The Road to Recovery: Gravel or Highway?
  • Should I Be Fearful or Greedy?
  • Warren Buffett, Bernie Madoff, and the Lessons of the Crisis

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