Our Fees

Our investment advisory fees are fully transparent and low cost.

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Our retirement planning and investment advisory fees are based upon a small percentage of the assets you have under management at Fonville Wealth Management. Clients are billed on a quarterly basis and fees are deducted automatically from your account. Fees are paid in advance of the quarter and are calculated based on the account value of the last day of the previous quarter.



Assets Under Management Annual Fee
First $500,000 1.25%
Next $500,000 1.00%
Next $1,000,000 0.80%
Next $3,000,000 0.60%
Above $5,000,000 0.40%



For Example: 

  • Clients with $750,000 in assets under management (AUM) will be charged 1.25% on the first $500,000, plus 1.00% on the next $250,000.
  • Clients with $1,750,000 AUM are billed 1.25% on the first $500,000, plus 1.00% on the next $500,000, plus 0.80% of the next $750k.
  • Clients with $3,250,000 AUM are billed 1.25% on the first $500,000, plus 1.00% on the next $500,000, plus 0.80% of the next $1M, plus 0.60% on the next $1M, plus 0.40% on the remaining $250k.

Financial Advisor Fees: Q and A



Do you charge a separate fee for financial planning services? 

No. All of our services are included the advisory fee above, including comprehensive financial planning. Where many financial advisors may charge a separate financial planning fee up to $10,000 in some situations, we do not.


What do I receive in exchange for the fees that I pay? 

When you hire us as your investment advisor, you’ll receive the following:

  • Clarify and prioritize your goals
  • Comprehensive financial plan including but not limited to: retirement income planning, pension analysis, estate planning, insurance analysis, debt reduction, college planning, investment planning and asset allocation analysis, cash flow and expense analysis.
  • Investment management with low-cost institutional investment options.
  • 2 to 3 in person consultations per year
  • Real-time access to our advanced software that tracks your networth and progress toward your goals.
  • Portfolio performance reporting
  • Unlimited financial advice


What are the potential advantages of a fee-only investment advisor and fee-only financial planner? 

While every compensation model has some drawbacks, we believe there are several benefits to hiring a fee-only financial planner including:

  • Reduce conflicts of interest
  • Know exactly what you are paying without wondering “How much is my financial advisor REALLY making?
  • Reduce your total overall costs. Since we are paid the same, regardless of our recommendations, you can be confident that we are working hard to find the lowest cost investment options. Keeping your costs low may improve your overall returns.
  • Reduce (or eliminate) insurance premiums. While many of us don’t like paying for insurance, sometimes it’s part of a smart financial plan. In these cases, we leverage our partnerships with specialized insurance consultants who provide our clients with reduced premium insurance products.
  • We have a continual vested interest in your success. For example, since we are paid less when your investment portfolio goes down and more when you investment portfolio goes up, we continually strive to get you the returns you need without taking on unnecessary risk.


Where can I learn more about fee-only financial planners, and advisor fees in general? 

We always recommend that you do your research before hiring a financial advisor. Here is a list of great resources to help you get started: