Women and Family

Get the clarity and insight you need for financial security and peace of mind.

As a woman, you have different needs, challenges, and opportunities. Your unique needs should be addressed from a different perspective.

As an example, did you know that 75 percent of women are widowed at an average age of 56, and 1 in 4 of these women are broke within two months of being widowed? (Source: Financial Advisor Magazine)

Yet, research suggests that women who invest and plan ahead may be better investors than men long-term! All it takes is a little guidance and a plan.

The women we serve are less focused on the money aspect of life, and are more concerned about answering the question: Will I be OK?

At Fonville Wealth Management, we understand your needs because Katherine Fonville faces the same challenges. From a full-time career to juggling the family calendar to taking care of the kids to being head of the household, you have a lot on your plate.

It’s no surprise that your finances often take a back seat to everything else in your life.

Whether you are a woman concerned about your financial security, or you are a husband concerned about what might happen in the event something happens to you, we can help. We help you take control of your finances so you can simplify your life and better prepare for the future to live the lifestyle you desire.

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Characteristics of the Women We Serve:


  • You value family and loved ones beyond anything else
  • You want a face-to-face relationship with an expert you can trust
  • You want to reduce financial worry and avoid running out of money in retirement
  • You run a busy life and feel like your finances take back seat
  • You are aged 50 years and older

How We Help You


  • Clarify your life goals and prioritize what’s most important to you
  • Design a personalized financial plan with clear recommendations to get you on track
  • Get our cash flow tool to help you track monthly expenses and cash flow
  • Get help managing your investments toward your personal goals
  • We’ll educate you and teach you without complex financial jargon
  • Get a face-to-face relationship to keep you on track toward your goals