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Simplify your finances and reduce your worry with unbiased investment advice and guidance.

Are you currently retired? If so, you might be wondering if there is a better way to create more income or secure your wealth.

While we all want to live forever, did you know that 75 percent of women are widowed at an average age of 56, and 1 in 4 of these women are broke within two months of being widowed? (Source: Financial Advisor Magazine).

Who is the financial expert in your family?

For many of the retired families we serve, the men usually (but not always) handled the finances, and the women typically focused on their own career and family aspect of the household. While this worked well during the early years, it also creates a huge concern for both husband and wife.   

What happens if the financial expert in my family pre-deceases me? 

If you want to make sure your family is provided for, regardless of what the future holds, we can help.

Even if this isn’t your primary concern, many of the families we help are simply tired of handling their finances. They simply want to simplify their life so they can relax and enjoy themselves.


Questions We Can Help Answer:

  • What are the right investments for me and my family? 
  • Am I taking too much risk? 
  • How can I increase my income without running out of money?
  • Can I afford my “bucket list” without running out of money?
  • What estate planning documents do I need and are my beneficiary designations setup correctly?
  • I have spendthrift child. How can I ensure he/she is taken care of after I’m gone?

How We Can Help:

Your Concern Our Solution

“I am concerned about preserving my money throughout retirement and for my loved ones.”

We utilize advanced tools and a Nobel-prize winning academic research designed to give you the highest probability of making your money last throughout retirement and transferring it to your heirs.

“I am concerned about running out of money before running out of life.”

We provide clients with a customized investment plan which includes recommendations for making your money last as long as possible.

“I am concerned about generating enough retirement income so it keeps pace with the rising cost of goods and my lifestyle.”

We create an easy to understand retirement income strategy that potentially allows you to create enough income to enjoy the lifestyle for which you are accustomed.

“I am concerned about minimizing the taxes on my investment portfolio and estate.”

We utilize tax-efficient investment strategies to help you improve your after-tax returns and make your accountant happy!

“I am concerned about protecting myself from identify theft, law suits, and protecting my loved ones in the event of loss of life.”

Our estate planning and insurance team members create strategies to protect you and your family.

“I am concerned about the transfer of my estate in an effective and tax efficient manner.”

We review all beneficiary designations and account titling to ensure your heirs receive what you intended.We review your balance sheet and estate with our estate planning expert for advanced advice and recommendations.

“I am concerned about providing philanthropic support for my charity of choice.”

We work closely with our charitable gifting expert to define a proper strategy that fulfills your values and gifting goals.

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