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  • Hidden investment fees can destroy your returns
  • Stock markets can decline more than 50% based on history
  • Many investments may actually increase your risk and reduce your returns 

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Investment Advisory Services Provided by Fonville Wealth Management, LLC., a Registered Investment Advisor in Richmond, Va.
© 2017 Fonville Wealth Management, LLC. A Registered Investment Advisor has a fiduciary relationship with its clients to ensure advice and recommendations place a client’s interests first. The Fonville Wealth Management portfolio analysis does not guarantee returns or eliminate risk. The portfolio analysis report is a free, no-obligation report that analyzes 12 different aspects of an investor’s portfolio. The report is based on research from over 10 Nobel Prizes in economics. Although you are under no obligation, for investor’s who decide to work with Fonville Wealth Management, client assets are held at an independent brokerage (Schwab, Fidelity, or TD Ameritrade) selected by the client and investment advisor. Fonville Wealth Management is not compensated to make recommendations by any financial institution.

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