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We'll help you create a portfolio to help fund the lifestyle you want in retirement.

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Your investment strategy for retirement shouldn’t be a guessing game. We utilize academic science to make your investment portfolio a powerful tool for achieving your goals.


At Fonville Wealth Management, we realize that creating an income stream for life is a major financial concern. We also know that you want to avoid running out of money in retirement at all costs.

Ultimately, trusting someone to take over the management of your hard earned money and investments is difficult because many financial advisors seem to be the same; they simply pitch products without any specialized experience in retirement investing.

We work with families, like you, who are tired of being sold products that aren’t aligned with your best interests. That’s why we implement a fully transparent, turn-key approach to managing your money before and during retirement. 

Backed by our evidence based investment philosophy, your personalized portfolio is designed and managed specifically for you and your goals without conflicts of interest or commissions.


4 Keys to Successful Investing in Retirement

Investing involves tradeoffs. Below, we outline four major aspects of investing that you should consider at you near retirement. Unfortunately, there is no investment that addresses all four. That’s why it’s important to design an investment portfolio that is diversified across many investments, each serving a different purpose.


Safety of principle is paramount, particularly during market downturns. We’ll help you choose the right mix of investments so don’t take more risk than necessary.


Getting the returns you need can be a challenge in volatile markets. We’ll help you design a portfolio aimed at giving you the highest probability of getting the returns you need.


With a proper balance between risk and return, we can turn your portfolio into an income stream that funds your goals in retirement.


Investing in retirement without the right tax strategy can be devastating. We’ll help position your investments to keep taxes low so you end up with more money in your pocket.

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