Wealth Management Process

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Our wealth management experience is a simple and elegant approach designed to help you simplify your life, plan toward a confident retirement, and get the most out of your financial resources. You’ll gain clarity on your goals and finances, learn valuable insights to help you improve, and establish a personal relationship with a partner to help you along the way. You focus on life. We’ll handle the rest.

Wealth management process for Fonville Wealth Management

Discovery Meeting | Free

In the initial discovery meeting, getting to know you better and gaining clarity on your individual and family situation is our top priority.

We begin by asking smart questions about your family, life, values, goals and finances. This will allow us to identify potential areas where we can help and bring substantial value to your personal situation.

We’ll help you understand if we can help, what we do, how we do it, and how we are compensated.


Investment Meeting | Free

After the discovery meeting, we will analyze your investments and finances as they relate to your goals now and in retirement.

As a result, you’ll receive concrete advice to help you improve your investment portfolio. We’ll advise you on how to potentially reduce costs or risk, how to save on taxes, or how to improve your expected portfolio returns.

By the end of the meeting, you’ll be closer to learning how to better position your finances for a successful retirement.

Mutual Commitment Meeting | Free

The mutual commitment meeting is your chance to ask us any final questions about your intial investment plan and our services.

Should we both decide to move forward with the partnership, you’ll receive your custom investment policy statement (IPS). Your IPS clearly spells out how we will manage your money going forward and sets proper roles and responsiblities for execution.

You will then sign paperwork necessary to implement the investment plan.

45-Day Follow-Up Meeting

By now, your accounts are setup and your money is fully invested.

In the 45-Day Checkup Meeting, we’ll answer any questions regarding your statements, online account access, or anything else that may have popped up.

We will also take this time to begin addressing additional advanced planning needs such as retirement planning, insurance planning, estate planning,  tax planning and debt management.

Regular Progress Reviews

At this stage in the process, we will formalize your financial plan. We’ll also collaborate with your CPA, Estate Planning Attorney, and our team of subject matter experts to address any planning needs that require additional expertise.

Several times a year, we will meet in person to revisit your goals, adjust your financial plan, and see what adjustments, if any, need to be made.

We will be there for you…not just at the beginning of the retirement journey, but along the way.