Wealth Management Services

Get comprehensive and objective advice on your total financial life including retirement and investing.

Is Comprehensive Advice Right For You and Your Family?

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Wealth Management is an all-inclusive advisory service designed to help you make smarter decisions with your money and keep you on track toward your goals. 

You’ll enjoy a simple and elegant wealth management experience that provides three important benefits:


  • Clarity – Gain clarity on financial weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Insight – Learn powerful insights to help you grow, preserve, and enjoy your wealth with the lifestyle you desire.
  • Partnership – Get a face-to-face relationship with an expert who will guide you, coach you, and keep you on track for life.

Financial Planning

Your life is like a cross-country road trip, but a lot more complex.

To successfully reach your destination, you need two things: a GPS (your financial plan) to guide you, and a lot of gas (your investment portfolio) to power you through the ups and downs of your life before and during retirement.

Just as a GPS helps you reach your destination faster, financial planning with Fonville Wealth Management is designed to help you make smarter decisions so you can accomplish more.

We start by asking intelligent questions, we’ll learn about your life, family and finances, and we’ll tailor solutions to meet your personal needs.

Investment Management

Of course, the best GPS system in the world is useless if you don’t have enough gas to get to your destination. Similarly, your investments will be responsible for powering you through life’s journey.

That’s where Fonville Wealth Management’s team of independent investment experts comes in. We’ll build your portfolio and manage your investments to help you have the money you need to achieve the life you want most.

And with our Nobel Prize backed investment philosophy, we’ll always keep an eye on your money, to help you avoid running out of gas.


Ongoing Advice and a Personal Relationship

Your life and goals will change. There will be roadblocks, tolls, and great destinations along the way.

That’s why we work in concert with our team of subject matter experts in the areas of tax, insurance, estate planning, and investing to make sure all aspects of your financial life are being addressed.

You’ll receive face-to-face reviews on a regular basis and we’ll constantly monitor your progress along the way.

Our Pricing

Comprehensive Wealth Management Pricing
Planning + Investing + Ongoing Advice Asset-based rate ranging from 0.20% to 1.00% per year depending upon the value of the investments we manage for you. We also can do hourly or fixed fee planning.