Our Difference

Learn why we're different from other wealth management firms.

There are many reasons why you might want to choose Fonville Wealth Management as the primary steward of your wealth. Here are just a few of them:


Your Personal CFO

As your Personal CFO, we act as one point of contact providing comprehensive advice on your entire financial picture and not just your money.



We Specialize In Working with Successful Families

Families who have $1 million or more require different strategies. We’ve built a team of experts focused on helping families who have between $1 million to $10 million in investable assets. 


We Limit Our Client Base

Did you know the average financial advisor has over 150 clients. This means they hardly have time to provide personalized advice. We’re different because we limit our client base to no more than 50 families per advisor. 


We're a Fiduciary

Did you know that many financial advisors are not a fiduciary? This means they are not required by law to put your interests first. As a registered investment advisor, we’re required by law to always put your interests ahead of our own. 


We Never Receive Commissions

Did you know many advisors are compensated by 3rd party commissions? This can create conflicts of interest. As a fee-only advisor we never receive commissions or 3rd party payments which better aligns our interests with yours. 


We're Low Cost

Costs matter. That’s why we continually review industry statistics to make our clients receive the most favorable investment strategies with a low cost. 

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