Let me show you how our simple and effective approach to retirement income planning and investing has made it easy for families to reduce financial stress and avoid outliving their money in retirement, and how you can too!

Fonville Wealth Management makes personal financial planning and investing toward retirement easy for you and your family.

Plan Your Retirement

Get help planning your retirement, creating income for life, and creating financial security.

Get Investment Advice

Get custom tailored investment advice and portfolio management to help you grow and preserve your investments.

Get a Free Retirement Review

Request a free, 20-minute, retirement opportunity review to see what you could be doing better.

As your financial advisor, rather than worried and stressed about retirement, we help you feel confident.

Reduce Retirement Anxiety.

Your financial plan is as thorough as they come.

You’ll get answers to your most pressing questions on how to retire and still live the lifestyle you want most.

From creating income in retirement, to helping you mitigate taxes, to establishing an estate transfer plan, to helping with insurance needs, we’ll provide the clarity you need to reduce retirement anxiety.  


Boost Your Confidence.

The stock market and economy can feel chaotic and create confusion and uncertainty. 

We’ll help build your confidence with a custom tailored investment plan based on your unique goals, tax situation, and risk tolerance.  

As a result, we hope you’ll enjoy more confidence and peace of mind.

Get Ongoing Advice and a Relationship.  

As a fully independent registered investment advisor and fee-only financial planner in Richmond, Va, you’ll receive a lifetimes of objective advice and a face-to-face relationship. 

As a registered investment advisor, we act as a fiduciary. This means we’re legally required to act in your best interest all the time.  

As a fee-only financial planner, our compensation is completely transparent and we never receive commissions. This reduces conflicts of interest. 


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*Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute and Greenwald & Associates, 2017 Retirement Confidence Survey of 1,082 US workers.