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As your financial advisor in Richmond, Va, we help you achieve peace of mind by developing personalized financial strategies for you and your family.

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Get help planning your retirement, managing your investments, and more…

Financial Planning

Get a financial plan to help you retire without running out of money.

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Reduce Your Retirement Anxiety

The markets can be unpredictable – but your financial planning doesn’t have to be.

Making small changes today can have a big impact on enjoying a successful retirement and accomplishing your life goals.

As your financial planner in Richmond, Va, we’ll help you design a personalized financial plan so you can enjoy life before and during retirement without worrying about your money.

Protect Your Wealth

How you invest matters.

While nobody can predict the stock market, our investment philosophy can help you protect your wealth without taking unnecessary risks.

As your financial advisor in Richmond, Va, we’ll provide a wealth management strategy to help you conservatively grow your money long-term while gaining greater control over your investment risk during market downturns.

Increase Your Financial Advisor to Client Ratio 

Did you know that the average financial advisor and financial planner has over 150 clients?

We’re different because we limit our advice to 50 families per financial advisor.

As a result, you’ll receive the communication and attention you deserve from an independent financial advisor in Richmond, Va whom you can trust.

The Fonville Wealth Management Difference

Fonville Wealth Management is a fully independent registered investment advisor in Richmond, Va and Glen Allen, Va. As a fee-only financial planner and financial advisor in Richmond, VA, we provide completely objective and comrehensive advice to successful individuals and families who are nearing retirement or currently retired.

Our simple and elegant wealth management process helps you protect, conservatively grow, and utilize your wealth so you can enjoy life without worrying about your money.

As a registered investment advisor, we act as a fiduciary advisor. This means we have a legal responsibility to provide investment advice that serves your interests before our own. This is different than other financial advisors in Richmond, Va who are not held to the fiduciary standard, rather they are held to the lesser standard of care called the suitability standard.

As an independent financial advisor, we are not affiliated or controlled by traditional “Wall Street” firms. This is different than other types of financial advisors because we are not constrained to specific services or products. We only recommend what is in your best interest.

As a fee only financial planner, our compensation is straightforward and easy to understand. We do not accept commissions from outside product companies or third-parties.This reduces conflicts of interest and better aligns our interests with your interests.This is different thatn other financial advisors who may receive comissions for the products they sell.

We look forward to earning your trust and having the opportunity to become your independent financial advisor, financial planner, and wealth management firm in Richmond, Va.

Fonville Wealth Management LLC BBB Business Review

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